Transitioning from soccer to theater


On Transition

Transitioning from soccer to theater is an emotional experience considering I am a senior. My soccer season ended with a last minute injury that sidelined me for my senior game. Discouraged, my teammates and coaches were by my side and made the seemingly sad experience one of nostalgia and happiness. Although I didn’t get to play, in the grand scheme of things it was one game out of the many I had played at Stevenson for the last seven years. Celebrating an 8-0 win over a rival team with teammates I have played with for seven of those years and known for twelve years was a great experience. In a way, it was very romantic to go out the way I did and very Shakespearean. I made the switch, coincidentally and perfectly, to acting in our spring play that satires Macbeth in a modern adaptation that is quirky and comical. Sitting in our “Little Theatre” with my leg in a oversized boot, going through our first reading of the play, laughing and smiling with my fellow thespians once again was a wonderful experience. In this moment, I pondered the importance of trying things that you are not used to or aren’t very experienced in. This being my third play at Stevenson, I still consider myself a neophyte compared to actors who have been with the Drama Department for far longer. Still, the inspiring and supportive environment is one that could not get better. Spring is my favorite season: the sun is shining, graduation nears and the spring play is underway. After the spring play, I am preparing to act and write an adaptation of a Hemingway short story for our “Senior Showcase”. A quick scene from a legendary writer with my fellow seniors will be a great way to finish the year in style. First, I need to finish adapting Hemingway’s words to fit the stage without completely having him rolling in his grave. No pressure!


I’m Brady and this is my senior year. I am originally from Texas and I am absolutely an extrovert. I have three siblings: a sister who is a cheerleader at University of Texas, a brother who is a professional musician, and another sister who is a mom to two kids.

I play soccer and football and am an aspiring writer. I have been writing all my life but really started to hone my skills during my freshman year. Now I am an editor for “Vailima,” the school literary magazine, and I’m writing for a local newspaper. I didn’t really “choose” Stevenson because I was so young when I started at the Carmel Campus. I do choose to stay here though because it’s my home. One of my favorite things is listening to the jazz band play outside on sunny days in the spring.

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