Flushing Queens Apartments

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Clean. Simple. Affordable. It’s All Here For You

Welcome to your Flushing home —only 45 minutes away from Manhattan! Choose between single and shared furnished rooms. Each room offers a bathroom shared with another private and totally separate room. 

What’s Inside Your Flushing Queens Apartments

Everything you need and only a short ride fto Manhattan —go ahead and take a look inside.

So, What’s Included?


Shared bathrooms (1 bathroom per 2 rooms)


Fully Equipped Common Kitchen


Air Conditioning & Heat


Classroom / Conference Room


Fully Furnished Rooms


Private sink in each room


Desk with chair


Laundry Facility


Free Wi-Fi


All Utilities Included


Fitness Room

Room Options and All-Inclusive Monthly Rates


Single Private Room.…..$1,220

Larger Private Room……$1,650

Shared double bed room..$1,900 (per room)

 2 month minimum reservation



Application Fee…. $50 (one time)

Service Fee … $200 (one time)

Refundable Deposit…1 month’s rent

The monthly rate will be charged regardless of move-in date / move-out date. If you move in mid month, the whole month will be charged.

Why Students Love Flushing

Welcome to Flushing —located only 45 minutes from Manhattan and home to some of New York City’s best attractions, including world-class sports and entertainment venues, lush public parks, and diverse cuisine from all over the world. Students love Flushing for its cultural feel and easy access to Manhattan.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the application process?

First Step: Make sure that you are familiar with the location of our location in Flushing and the distance to where you will be commuting.  Some people have to make the commute to Manhattan which can take more than 45 minutes.

When you’re ready to apply, after receiving your application, we will send you an invoice with a refundable application fee of $50

The application fee is refundable if your application is not accepted.

Once your application is accepted, we invoice for:

One-time non-refundable service fee ($200)

Refundable security deposit ($920 )

First and last month’s rent  ($1,220 x 2)

We do not pro-rate so we would charge for the entire months of your move-in and move-out dates.

What will be on the first invoice?

The first invoice will include the following: First + Second month’s rent, application fee, service fee, and refundable security deposit.


What is the cancellation Policy?

Please note that this relates to the Flushing residence only.

Refund Schedule. Subsequent to occupancy, no release from this Agreement or refund can be considered unless the assigned room is left clean and all sign-out procedures including return of keys and settlement of obligations are completed. The effective date of release will be determined by the date of such completion.
a)Deposit Refund Schedule

1.Written cancellation of this Agreement by the enrollee to GLF is subject to the following refund schedule.

a. Cancellations dated and received (in writing) by SHW before 90 days before the expected occupancy will result in a 100% refund of the housing deposit paid, less an administrative cancellation fee of $250.

b. Cancellations dated and received (in writing) by SHW before 60 days before the expected occupancy date will result in a 50% refund of the housing deposit paid, less an administrative fee of $250.

c. Cancellations dated and received (in writing) by SHW before 30 days before the expected occupancy date will result in a 25% refund of the housing deposit paid, less an administrative fee of $250.

d. Cancellations dated and received (in writing) by SHW on or within 30 days before the expected occupancy date will result in a 0% refund of the housing deposit and the enrollee shall be required to pay the remaining program fee.

2. If an enrollee officially withdraws from SHW and cancels in writing, any unused (prorated) portion will first be applied to any outstanding charges. Then the remaining amount of the program fee, less a 50% cancellation fee shall be refunded. The security deposit shall be returned subject to standard move out procedures.
3. Enrollees who move into a room and subsequently move out without consent of SHW, and does not withdraw from the SHW program, will be charged the full housing fee without any refund.
4. Cancellation of this agreement by SHW for disciplinary actions will be charged the full housing fee without any refund.

Are appliances permitted?

All electrical items in a room must not exceed the electric capacity for each room. Coffee pots and irons, may be used but cannot be plugged in unattended. Refrigerators that stand less than 30″in height and draw no more than 1.5 amp of power are allowed. Microwaves are NOT allowed.

What is the guest policy?

Overnight guests are not permitted at the Flushing residence.

Is there Parking at the Flushing residence?

Yes, we have an on-site parking lot. There is no fee for parking.

How soon can I move in?

It can take up to 2 business days to accept your application and send an invoice for payment. Please note that your application is not guaranteed to be accepted. Also please note that it can take several business days to send a wire payment from your bank. You will not be permitted to move in before we receive your payment.

Can I transfer from one building to another Student Housing Works location?

You are permitted to change locations after you move in, but only under the following conditions.
You must commit to your initial reservation dates if you signed a rental agreement. Any application or service fees must be paid for the new location, even if you paid the same fees for your first reservation.

Are there laundry machines in the building?

There are coin-operated laundry machines available.

Are linens and towels provided?

Currently towels, linens, and comforters are not provided. You must bring your own.

How much is the security deposit?

The same amount as the monthly rent rate.

Should I apply although I am not ready to make a payment?

We strongly advise that you do not apply until you are ready to pay for your reservation.  Applying and not making the payment (as per the invoice we email you) can prolong the reservation process. Applying will not place you on a reservation list.

How do I receive mail and packages?

Your mail and packages can be picked up at the reception / help desk in the main lobby. The building address will be indicated on the confirmation email. You are permitted to have mail and packages sent BEFORE your move-in date but only AFTER your reservation has been confirmed.

After I move in, how and when do I pay rent?

Please refer to our Billing FAQ

Are the rooms private?

Yes. it’s just having your own apartment. We do not place you with roommates.

When will my reservation be confirmed once I submit my application?

Within 24 hours of your application being submitted, if we have availability we will email you an invoice for payment.  If we do not have availability, we will contact you to discuss other options.  Do not submit an application until you know for sure that you want to reserve a place and pay for your reservation. Your reservation will be confirmed once your payment is made.


What is included with rent?

All utilities, Wi-Fi, electric, gas, water is included is rent. There will be no additional costs aside from any add-on services that you may have requested.

What is the address of the Flushing location?

46-20 Parsons Blvd, Flushing, NY 11355

How far is Manhattan from the Flushing residence?

Manhattan is about 1 hour and 15 minutes by subway (train), and about 25 minutes by cab / Uber.  Here are the Google Maps directions.

What public transportation options are nearby?

The #7 subway train is the closest subway stop located at Main street. The Q26 and Q27 bus lines are a 10-minute commute to the Main Street Subway station.    Public Transportation Map