Frequently Asked Questions





Are your rooms / apartments furnished?

Yes, all of our apartments at all locations are fully furnished. More details regarding what’s available or issued can be found under the location’s description page. Feel free to ask us questions about specific items if you are unsure. 

What is the Minimum time period I can make a reservation for?

4 weeks is the minimum reservation period for all our locations except the Flushing location. Some of our locations offer incentives and disciunts for longer stays. These details will be available on the location’s webpage. 

What is the maximum time period I can make a reservation for?

Most students or interns rent for the extent of their semester, program or internship duration.  This is practical since there is no requirement for a long term rental contract.  If you need to extend your stay, simply contact us to place an extension request.

When will my reservation be confirmed?

Usually within 24 hours of reveiving your application, we will email you an invoice for payment. We cannot hold particular rooms or apartments until we receive your payment. 

Can I view the apartment before applying?

Absolutley!   Click  ‘Apply Now’ on the location page you wish to visit.  Your friends/family are also welcome to schedule a visit on your behalf if you are not in town. Some of our locations can accommodate virtual tours, but not all. 

What should I bring?

This depends on how long you will be staying in New York for. Larger, bulky items may not be worth the hassle bringing if you are staying for just a month. Refer to our Off-To-College Checklist. 

What shouldn’t I bring?

Furniture, Air conditioners, air coolers, and electric heaters,candles or Incense, drugs and other controlled substances without prescription, Flammable decorations including natural or artificial Christmas trees, Halogen lamps, Extension cords and multi-plug adapters (Exception: Power strips with built-in surge protectors are permitted),Hot plates, grills, or other open flame devices, pets or animals of any kind, Weapons of any kind: This includes firearms, fireworks, ammunition, knives, swords, or explosives.

Is there parking?

Student housing Work’s locations do not have designated parking lots or garages. There is street parking available or garages that have parking available for an hourly or daily rate.  If you are considering having a vehicle in New York,  take a look at this write up: The Ultimate Guide to NYC Street Parking

What if I want to extend my stay?

You are permitted to extend your reservation after you have made your initial reservation. However, we strongly advise that you book your reservation for the entire period that you anticipate being in New York. There’s a strong chance that your room will be booked by someone else after your move-out date. If this is the case, we will not be able to offer you an extension.

Am I allowed to have guests?

Your guests are welcome to visit although Covid restrictions may be enforced at some of our locations. Please let us know in advance to register your guest. 

Are the buildings like typical college dorms?

We strive to maintain a quiet, well-maintained and professional atmosphere. Our locations are not a fraternity or sorority type environments. In fact, our buildings are much smaller than the average NYC student housing facility. This aids to a better sense of privacy and better quality of life. 

Are laundry machines available?

Laundry machines are available at all locations except the Union Square loction. The machines are operated by a pre-paid card payment system. Please bring your own detergent, dryer sheets, etc. 

Can I move in or move out mid month?

You can move in on any day of the month. You will only be charged for the number of days of the month that you stay for. Example: move in date May 20th – You will be billed only from May 20th- 31st. If you move out on July 10th, you will be billed for only 10 days in July. More information about billing can be found HERE

Can I make a payment when I arrive?

All payments must me made through our online payment portal. We do not accept payments on location. It can take 2-3 days for your payment to be received.  Payments from outside the U.S. may take longer.

What is included with rent?

All utilities, WiFi, electric, gas, and water is free and will be included with your rent. There will be no additional costs aside from any add-on services that you may have requested. There will be a 3.99% fee if you are paying rent with with a credit or debit card.

Can I pay monthly?

Yes! You do not have to pay for the entire rent period if you are staying multiple months. However, your first and last month’s invoice may have more than just a 1 month charge.  If your move-in date is mid month, your first invoice will reflect the prorated (partial) amount of the first month plus the following month. The same is true for your move-out date. If your move-out date is mid month, you will be billed for the prorated (partial) last month along with the previous month’s rent.

Example:  Move- in date – January 20th.  The first invoice will reflect the prorated 11 days in January plus the whole month of February.

Example: Move-out date- April 15th.   When March’s rent becomes due, an invoice will be sent for both March and  the prorated (partial) month of April.

What method of payments do you accept?

We accept debit card, Visa, Master Card, Discover and American Express. There is a 3.99% card fee for these method of payments.

We also accept ACH bank wire transfers. There is no fee for this method of payment.

We do not accept cash, checks or PayPal at this time.

All payments are required to be made online by clicking on the payment button in the invoice that we email you.

We do not accept payments on site.

How and when do I pay my rent?

Your first invoice will be emailed to you within 24 hours of approving your application. If you are staying for multiple months, after your first invoice, we will email you an invoice on the 20th of every month. That rent payment will be for the following months rent. Example: Invoice sent on January 20th is due by January 25th. Payment goes towards February’s rent. There is a late fee penalty for payments later than 5 days.

What will be on my first invoice?

If you are moving in mid month:  the number of days for the first month plus the entire second month’s rent rate. Plus any application or service fees, security deposits and any other add-on services you may have selected. If you are moving in at the beginning of the month: just the first month’s rent plus any fees.  A comlete list of fees can be found on each location page. More details about invoices can be found by scolling further down this page.

What is the cancellation policy?

All bookings made are non-refundable. Not all of our locations require a security deposit. If you paid a deposit, it will not be refunded if your reservation is canceled or if you move out before your contracted move-out date. 

When do I pay rent ?

If you did not already pay for the rent for the duration of your stay, you will be invoiced for the following months rent on the 20th day of the current month. 

Example 1: Your move-in date is May 1st and your move-out date is June 30th.   The month of May’s rent will be due before your move-in date. On May 20th you will receive your final invoice for June’s rent.   

Example 2: Your move-in date is May 1st and your move-out date is July 15th. The month of May’s rent will be due before your move-in date. On May 20th you will receive your final invoice for  BOTH June’s rent and the pro-rated number of days for July.   

What’s on my Invoice?

All location pages on this website contains a section (just like the one pictured below) which shows the current monthly rent rates and fees. The application fee is a one-time fee.  Credit / debit card fees can be avoided if payments are made via bank wire transfer.

*The rates below are only examples. The rates are updated on each location’s webpage on this website. 

*The rates above are only examples. Refer to the location’s webpage for updated rates and fees.

Sample Invoice

Once we receive your application, we will email you an invoice. In the image below, you will (see circled in orange) payment options and options to view/download/save the itemized invoice. Click “View invoice” to see the items you are being charged for.

The image below is an example of the invoice.  Take note of the  items circled in orange.

Move-In Date and Move-Out Date,

The prorated rent of 11 days (June 20th- 30th)

The full month’s rent (July)

Credit / debit card fee 3.99%

 How we Pro-Rate for the West End Ave location


Pro-rating is a method of calculating the number of days that are booked within a certain month and charging the daily rate for that number of days versus charging for the entire month. 

Pro Rate calculation:  (monthly rate * 12)  / 365 = daily rate 

For the month of your Arrival date, we will pro-rate if there is 14 days or less remaining in that particular month from the day of your move in. 

Arrival date example : If arrival is between September 10th-30th. We will pro-rate for this month because there are 20 days or less remaining in the month.  In some instances (like our west 94th street location) we will start billing on the day that the accommodation becomes available. 

If arrival is between September 1st-9th, we will bill for the entire monthly rate. 

For the month of your Departure date, we will pro-rate if there is 10 days or less remaining in the month from the day of your move in. 

Departure date example: If departure is between November 1st-20th. We will pro-rate for this month because there are 10 days or less remaining in the month.      

If departure is between November 21th-30th we will bill for the entire monthly rate. 

We do not pro-rate at the Flushing location. We will charge for the whole month regardless of the number of days you stay for within that month.