New York City is the most ticketed city in the US when it comes to the total revenue generated from parking tickets. When parking on the street, make sure you know all about NYC street parking so that your time and money are well spent, rather than spent doing damage control. Though at first NYC street parking seems confusing (alternate side parking? What?), it’s actually not so bad. Follow these simple parking rules and you’re sure to have a great time in New York City.

General NYC Street Parking Rules

For starters, the entire city is a designated tow-away zone. That means that if you are found in violation of any parking rules, you could be towed. NYC is so serious about towing that the NYPD even has its own fleet of tow trucks. This city doesn’t play around.  NYC street parking is completely unique. If you’re visiting, many of the signs may look different. If you’re a resident, parking rules can still take you by surprise if you’re not careful. To avoid hefty fines and tickets it’s absolutely crucial to familiarize yourself with the signs and protocols they correspond to.

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by  VIRGINIA K. SMITH at Brick Underground 

To drive, or not to drive? It’s a question that plagues a lot of New York residents, as we simultaneously relish the freedom to forgo a car while daydreaming about easy Ikea runs or spontaneous weekend getaways upstate. (Witness this post on Park Slope Parents agonizing over the decision, and a long Reddit thread addressing the same question.)

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