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If pursuing your dreams means being brave, then yes, Giulia Moser, 26-year-old , is a good example of this. Giulia is an Italian student who has just finished her internship experience in New York. 9 months ago, she decided to leave her tiny village located in the middle of the Italian Alps, in search for new adventure on the other side of the ocean. With fear and lots of expectations, she decided to start a new chapter of her life.

After having obtained a degree in fashion communication and management in 2015, Giulia decided to leave behind her quiet life in the middle of the mountains and move to New York.

“I’ve always lived in a small city, located in the north of Italy, and coming here allowed me to discover a totally different world. New York is huge, and for me even taking the subway was a bit of a challenge. I went there to spend 6 months, without knowing nobody and nothing about the city.

How did you find this internship opportunity?

The job hunting in the US while being in Italy was not so easy; It has been very difficult and many times I had to send a lot of applications before being called for an interview.  At the beginning, it was a very tedious and frustrating process, however, I dealt with it without the pessimism that many young people usually experience in Italy. Getting a visa can be complicated, especially when it comes to a work visa. Without a green card or visa approved by the US government, you cannot find a job and go live in New York legally. In my case, after thousands of applications sent, I was called for an interview at Gucci fashion house in New York, and after 2 skype interviews, I was told I got the job. I was so excited, but also scared, of completely starting a new life in a country so far from my family and friends. But, the internship was in such an important Italian fashion house that I really could not refuse.

What do you remember about your first days in New York?

I still remember that trip. It was on March 20th, 2017. From the airplane, I saw the city for the first time from above. I was quite relaxed during the flight, but as soon as I saw the first buildings, I started feeling mixed emotions. New York has always represented a dream city for me. During my childhood, almost every tv series, every movie I saw was either located there or was talking about the big apple.  I landed at JFK. I was about to start my internship in the field of fashion in the most competitive city in the world.  It was a great jump for me; from my small little village to New York! I felt lost and excited at the same time. A strange feeling, because I’ve never felt like this before.

What were your first impressions about the city?

After few weeks, I noticed that in general New York is a very fast moving city, which leaves you no time to think: you have to live it without too much worries or thoughts. After two weeks living there, I thought there was no other place in the world where I wanted to be. It is an extraordinary metropolis that encloses all the cities of the world. Brooklyn represents its humane version, Williamsburg (where I lived, two metro stops from Manhattan) is silent and calm, with its tiny bars, shops, restaurants and small supermarkets. Manhattan, on the other hand, is the unstoppable and frenetic soul of the metropolis, where your life does not distinguish the day from the night.

Can you describe your internship experience and the differences you encountered compared to the Italian working structure?

The fashion industry in New York is really great. I recently heard someone say “New York is just fashion and finance.” However, when I was in New York, when I said I was Italian, many people asked me why I came to do my internship there.

Undoubtedly, the creativity of Italian fashion companies is excellent and I am proud of it. But, the working conditions I have found in New York were really amazing and exciting. Internships in famous companies are much more accessible than in Italy, with no need of knowing someone who already works there.

Since the first day I was assigned a real personal office with lots of computers, the latest graphics and scanners” Not to mention, welcome postcards and surprise cupcakes for birthdays. If Anne Hataway had a tough clash with the cruel reality of the fashion stage in the movie “The devil wears Prada”, on the contrary (and I always think I’m really lucky) I was overwhelmed by an incredible professional and educational value, where young people are greeted with great interest and passion

What differences did you encounter living in New York?

I would say that my initial shock was linked with the price difference you see compared to Italy. If you start as an intern. You need to keep in mind that life in New York is not exactly cheap. The rents are high (starting from $ 2,000 per month for a studio), Italian food is very expensive ($ 10 a fresh bell mozzarella) and even having fun is expensive (the movie ticket costs $ 12. If the movie is in 3D, the price increases to $ 16). However, you can always move away from Manhattan, where everything is a little cheaper!

What are your thoughts now about the experience you had?

For me, it has been a life changing experience, that made me grow from many points of view. I learned how to overcome unforeseen difficulties and to be responsible for myself. I have tasted the true meaning of independence. I have come back to Italy changed, or perhaps only more aware of myself and reality; I miss everything about New York, its dynamism, its continuous movement, the endless possibilities it offers you and the commitment people place in everything they do

What do you miss about New York and your life there?

The audacity to always try new things and not stopping after a failure. People in New York do not think whether they are prepared or not to do something, but they just do it, without worrying about what others may think. It is an attitude for which I have full esteem and respect.

Now that I have returned to Italy, what I also miss the most is the feeling of being alive. I believe that there are so many young people who hope that one day they can go abroad and have the opportunity to make the most of their skills or just to do a job related to what they have studied. Therefore, I feel lucky that I had the chance to actually do that!

New York it’s a city where you can be yourself. You can express yourself fully. New York never stops, and it truly never sleeps. You can feel its energy, a vital force that you can feel all around, day and night.

Which are your last words about your experience in New York? Would you advise it to other young people around the world?

In my opinion, a book would not be enough to describe this extraordinary, incredible, magical city. It is said that “if anything exists, you can find it in New York” and that’s probably true. For this reason, for many people around the world, working experience in the US would represent a great chance of growing and push for your career.Over the centuries, New York has been the gateway to the dreams and hopes of people from all over the world. Ellis Island, with the Statue of Liberty, welcomed millions of immigrants seeking a new life there. And, it is still doing so.

Leaving New York is never easy, as REM reminds us in their famous song, and I hope I can go back there as soon as possible!

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