Citi-Bike – Member Profile: Laura


October is Women’s Bike Month and we want to introduce you to some of NYC’s #WomenWhoBike. Meet Laura! She just embarked on a fun new project and is one short year away from becoming an ‘official New Yorker’! Learn more about her favorite route, why she loves Citi Bike and more below!

Tell us a little bit about yourself!

My name is Laura Choi and I’m originally from California. I just left a job at an amazing startup to found a startup of my own in the resort wear space. It’s still in stealth mode so I can’t share all the details yet but I’m looking to do the manufacturing out of New York. I love the idea of keeping things local, especially when there are so many resources right here in New York.

How long have you lived in NY?

I’m heading into my 9th year in the city. 1 more year until I’m an official New Yorker!

How long have you been a Citi Bike member?

I’ve been a member since it launched in 2013. I remember it launching right when summer was starting so I was taking it everywhere.

Did you ride a bike in the city before joining Citi Bike?

No. Who has room to store a bike?!

What’s your favorite place to ride?

I recently moved to Gowanus and am so excited to see the new stations there. My favorite place to ride is definitely around South Brooklyn when the streets are empty and lit up at night. It’s quite romantic!

What would you tell someone thinking about joining Citi Bike?

You’ll save money on cab fares, get a workout in, and reduce your carbon emissions. What’s not to love?

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