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By Lauren Juliff

Celebrating Spring Break
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Every year, the colleges and universities in New York state allow their students a week off in the spring to recover from midterm exams while enjoying time away from school. Whether you’re a student in the state or just planning a visit to a popular New York destination in the spring, knowing when college spring breaks are happening can help you plan your own vacation.

If you want to avoid large crowds on your trip to popular tourist destinations of New York City or the Hamptons, you should avoid booking during the months of March and April, when most colleges and universities in the state let out for spring break.

However, if you’re a college student and want to plan when your friends at other schools will be out to celebrate with you, you’ll enjoy knowing when each New York University has its own spring break.

Springtime boating in Central Park
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New York Spring Break Dates 2019

For the New York colleges listed below, classes will not be in session during the dates listed, but school offices may still be open. Check the full academic calendar for each school for more information on closures and other school holidays.

Lake George, New York
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Things to Do on Spring Break

Now that you’re aware of your Spring Break dates, you can spend your vacation experiencing New York state—whether you want to avoid the college crowds or not.

2019 promises to be a big year, with party destinations throwing some of the wildest events on record, while budget destinations are reducing their prices like never before. If you’re a college student who wants to leave the state, these cheapest spring break destinations allow you to save some on your trip while these domestic spring break destinations don’t require a passport.

If you’d rather get involved in a local community project during your vacation, you can also volunteer over spring break, but whether you’re staying put in your college town or traveling abroad for spring break, make sure you stay safe during your spring break. Research the city you plan to visit, avoid dangerous neighborhoods, and remember to make digital copies of important documents in case you lose your bag while on vacation.