Billing Information

The location pages on this website contains a section just like the one pictured below which shows the current monthly rent rates and fees.

The application fee is a one time fee.  Credit / debit card fees can be avoided if payments are made via bank wire transfer.

Once we receive your application, an invoice will be emailed  to you. In the image below, you will (see circled in orange) payment options and options to view/download/save the itemized invoice. Click “View invoice” to see the items you are being charged for.

The image below is an example of the invoice.  Take note of the  items circled in orange.

Move-In Date and Move-Out Date,

The prorated rent of 11 days (June 20th- 30th)

The full month’s rent (July)

Credit / debit card fee 3.99%

Billing FAQ

How will I be billed?

If your move-in date is mid month, your first invoice will reflect the prorated (partial) amount of the first month plus the following month. The same is true for your move-out date. If your move-out date is mid month, you will be billed for the prorated (partial) last month along with the previous month’s rent.

Example:  Move- in date – January 20th.  The first invoice will reflect the prorated 11 days in January plus the whole month of February.

Example: Move-out date- April 15th.   When March’s rent becomes due, an invoice will be sent for both March and  the prorated (partial) month of April.

What is included with rent?

All utilities, Wi-Fi, electric, gas, water is included is rent. There will be no additional costs aside from any add-on services that you may have requested.

Can I make a payment when I arrive?

No. We do not accept payments on site. All payments are made through our online payment system. Instructions are provided in the invoice email.  Payments should be made AT LEAST 24 hours in advance of your move-in date.

What method of payments do you accept?

We accept debit card, Visa, Master Card, Discover and American Express. There is a 3.99% card fee for these method of payments.

We also accept ACH bank wire transfers. There is no fee for this method of payment.

We do not accept cash, checks or PayPal at this time.

All payments are required to be made online by clicking on the payment button in the invoice that we email you.

We do not accept payments on site.

How and when do I pay my rent?

Your first invoice will be emailed to you within 24 hours of approving your application. If you are staying for multiple months, after your first invoice, we will email you an invoice on the 20th of every month. That rent payment will be for the following months rent. Example: Invoice sent on January 20th is due by January 25th. Payment goes towards February’s rent. There is a late fee penalty for payments later than 5 days.


Do I need a guarantor?

We do not require guarantors.

Do I have to pay a security deposit?

We do not collect security deposits for the West 99th St, West 94th St. or West End Ave. All other locations may charge a refundable deposit.