Frequently asked Questions

Reserving Your Place / Booking Process / Payments

We accept Visa, Mastercard, Amex Discover, Paypal and bank wire transfer.

Payment Options

All credit/debit cards require a 3.99% additional fee

Bank wire transfers are $25

Bank of America wire transfer is free

Once your online application is submitted, we will email you an invoice (within 24 hours) which will indicate all charges for the reservation. You will be billed for the entire reservation period unless you are approved for a payment plan.

If you make a reservation one month or more in advance, we will accept a NON- REFUDABLE $300 application fee which will count as a deposit. This deposit will temporarily put your room on hold. Within 1 month of your scheduled check in date, the unpaid balance on your invoice will be due. If we do not receive payment at this time, the reservation will no longer be reserved and the room/apartment will be available to other applicants.

Once you decide on a residence, kindly send us an online application (which can be found here). Once we receive the online application, we will check to see if we have availability for your requested dates.  If we have availability for your dates, an invoice will be emailed to you.  If we do not have availability, we will contact you to discuss other options.   When submitting an application, make sure  to select on the application: “Request to Book Reservation”

Do not send application until you know for sure that you want to reserve the room/apartment and you are ready to send a payment.

It will take up to 3 days to process your online application. Sometimes we can process your application in less time but we cannot guarantee this.

Yes.  Rental payments will need to be paid every 3 weeks. Invoices will be sent every 3 weeks from the date you check in. The rent payment will go towards the following monthly period.

The due date will be noted on the invoice. You will be emailed an invoice every billing cycle.

If reservation is cancelled at any time, your application fee and rent payment will not be refunded. All bookings/reservations made are non-cancellable and non-refundable. However, out of goodwill, Student Housing Works will attempt to re-market the apartment should the party who booked a reservation decide to terminate the lease early. If Student Housing Works LLC is able to find a replacement tenant, we can refund the prorated rental for the period covered by the replacement tenant. Application and processing fees will not be refunded in any case.

We will send you a monthly invoice which will request for an online payment. We do not accept payments at the residence.

A $50 fee will be charged for all late rent payments. If your payment is more than 2 weeks late your reservation will be terminated. Your security deposit (if any was paid) will be forfeited.

We may offer discounts on reservations longer than 4 months. Discounts are not given if we are already offering a promotional rate.

Please notify us at least 30 days BEFORE your scheduled check out date if you think you might extend your reservation date. If there has not been any reservations made for your room/apartment we will usually be able to extend your dates.

After the inspection of your room, we will begin the processing of your deposit within 3-4 weeks of your check out.

A check is mailed if you have a U.S address. Wire transfer can also be sent but fees may apply.

Check in time is after 12:00 PM. Check out time is before 11:00 AM.  Exceptions may be made for other times. For example if your fight arrives early, we might be able to make exceptions or possibly store your luggage until your room / apartment is available.

30 days is the minimum reservation period for MOST of our locations. Some of our apartments at the Luxury Townhouse locations require a longer reservation period like one full semester.

Absolutely! First inquire about availability for the dates you need housing for. Once we confirm availability, schedule for a tour by filling out a request form HERE . Make sure to select “Schedule a Tour” on the application.

Make sure you read up on the building’s features first. For example, If private bathrooms are a mandatory feature for you, make sure the residence offers that option HERE

1. Explore our housing options on our website-we have many locations with varying price ranges. Each location page has it’s own unique inquiry form.

2. After you submit the inquiry form,  We will email a confirmation verifying whether we have availability for your dates or not. If we  have availability a link to book your apartment will be included in the email.

3. After you apply,  we will email you our rental agreement.

4. Once you review and sign the rental agreement, we will email you an invoice for payment.  The invoice will itemize all fees and your reservation dates.

5. Make a payment to book your accommodation. Once your payment is received, we will send you move-in instructions

You are permitted to extend your reservation after you have made your initial reservation. However, We strongly advise that you book your reservation for the entire period that you anticipate being in New York. Your room will likely be booked by someone else after the check out date that you requested. As a result we will not be able to offer you an extension.  There is a $200 fee for reservation extensions.

Each of our residences are independently managed and the fees and rent rates will vary. Generally, you can expect to see the following fees for all of our locations:

Rent:  ( monthly or nightly rent rate)

Application Fee: $225 – $300  (one time fee for processing your application, you will not be charged this fee if we do not offer you an accommodation)

Payment Method Fee:  $25 for bank wire transfer or $3.99% of the total amount due (you can choose to pay by credit card OR send a bank wire transfer from your bank to ours. This is the cheapest option. If you bank with Bank of America there will be no charge to do a wire transfer.

Refundable Security Deposit: $1,000 to one month’s rent (This is a refundable security deposit or damage deposit. This will be refunded to you if no damage has been done to your accommodation)

Cleaning/House Keeping Fee:  Free or $30 per week (This is a mandatory service at MOST of our residences. It is usually included in the rent rate but sometimes will be charged extra depending on the residence. The house keeping is typically done once a week in your accommodation)

Check Out/Restoration Fee: $50 (Most of our residences do no charge this. This fee is for restoring your room back to condition for the next person to move in)  

Extension Fee: $200 (If you wish to extend your reservation beyond the initial date that you requested, this fee may apply. We strongly urge everyone to book your reservation for the entire time period that you anticipate being in town for versus attempting to staying ‘month to month’)

Late Fee: $50 (Will be applied if your rent payment is more than 5 days late as per the due date on the invoice)

Emergency Reservation Fee:  $100 (Will be applied if you reservation is made within one week of the check in date)


Located on a quiet, quaint block of the Upper West Side Of Manhattan between Riverside Drive and West End Ave. Two short blocks to the 1-2-3 trains (subway). Broadway is two blocks away where all the shopping, cafes and restaurants are located.

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